Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Who doesn't love ham? I mean... y'know, besides vegans, vegetarians, jews, muslims, oddly self-aware pigs, and that kid who used to live next to me whose mother was trampled to death by a renegade swine. Even IF you don't like ham, you've gotta admit it makes a pretty snazzy shirt icon, no? Of course, if you wear the shirt, you may find yourself drooling uncontrollably every once in a while due to that little subliminally delectable piece of meat resting comfortably on your chest. Mmmm... ham...

It's probably my greatest shirt design to-date! I saw Threadless was having a polo contest, so I carved out (see what I did there) a couple hours and baked up (again) this little glazed goodie. Please give it a high score so I can wear my very own Ham polo shirt (and so can you)! Follow this link and go vote kindly, please.

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  1. for some reason it's not a 5. are they allowing tshirt voters to score this thing without being privy to it's polo only nature?


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