Sunday, August 26, 2012

POP-ZOMBIE shirts now up for preorder!

BEASTWRECK SEASON 2, episode 4: "POP-ZOMBIE" It's time for another zombie shirt, kids! Are zombies on the verge of being played-out? Maybe, but not if they're done right! Is this zombie done right? Well, he's decidedly more colourful than your run-of-the-mill zombie, that's for sure! Pop colours make this zombie really... POP!
Up for preorder now at the BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff shop! Save $2 off the regular price if you preorder. Preorders will be taken until Sept. 5th, at which time the order will be sent to the printer and the price will go up to $20.
3-color design soft ink over discharge underbase screenprinted (no thick plastisol) on black. Men's crew-neck and women's v-neck styles available!

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Tell 'em LARGE MARGE sent ya'!"

Another commission for FRIGHT-RAGS. This one just went up for sale as a limited edition on their website. They wanted me to try and create a creepy design featuring the most eerie and disturbing scene from a decidedly non-horror movie, PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. I have a definite soft spot in my heart for this movie, having seen it as a kid and watching it over and over again, so it was a real privilege to be asked to work on this design. You can BUY THE SHIRT HERE!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I discovered the brilliantly-twisted cartoon ADVENTURE TIME a couple months ago, and I can't remember the last time a cartoon has come along and fascinated and entertained me like this. It's just chock full of surrealist humour mixed with adventure and pure imagination and joy. I heard about an ADVENTURE TIME t-shirt design contest going on, so I thought I'd try my hand at working on a couple of ADVENTURE TIME designs and see if any of them might be worth submitting. I am having a ball working on this so far, and giving the characters my own tweaked interpretations. The scene, in case you're unfamiliar with the show, depicts the two heroes, Finn (the human) and Jake (the magical dog) doing battle with the wicked Ice King to rescue Princess Bubblegum. The show takes place in some surreal post-apocalyptic world populated by candy-people and strange beasts and creatures. More to come...

GORILLA VS. SQUID rough pencils

About five years ago, when I was just starting out in the world of freelance illustration, I created a GORILLA VS. SQUID design featuring two of my favorite members of the Animal kingdom duking it out and giving each other what for. It got me some attention, though it wasn't very good, and I had always planned on putting on a t-shirt or something. I had some bad experienced dipping my toes into the waters of dealing with screenprinters, and the longer I let the design sit, the less satisfied I was with it. Every once in a while, somebody comes across the design and tells me I should put it on a shirt or something, and while I love the concept of the design, the execution was just way below what I was currently capable of. So, even though you're not supposed to look back and keep reworking old pieces, I just had to dig this one out and recreate it with my current skill-levels, to see what I could do with it, and finally get it put on a shirt or something. These are the rough pencils for the new, reworked design.
And this is the old, colored version.
More to come soon...