Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BEASTBURGER is coming...

Pencil drawing of an upcoming BeastWreck design -- BeastBurger!
More to come!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

CROC-LORD final colors for RED FANG

Here's the final color version of my CROC-LORD design for the uber face-kicking band RED FANG. Missed the deadline for their shirt design contest, but I'm hoping they'll pick it up anyway. If not, I'll be printing it myself (without the Red Fang logo, of course). I had a tough time getting the water-nymph just right and had to rework her a couple times, but I think I've got it how I like it now. The image depicts an ancient swamp-dwelling deity who is holding captive one of the benevolent water-nymphs that populates the unseen regions of the swamp.

Penciled version. Note the early version of the water-nymph.

Inks only.

Alternate color version with the MASTODON logo in place, just for fun.

Inks for the reworked version of the water-nymph.