Sunday, October 31, 2010

ZOMBAMA RETURNS now @ TeeFury! Halloween only!

Well, this is it, the moment you've all been waiting for over a year for -- ZOMBAMA has finally returned to the site that made him a household name, TeeFury!
For 24 hours only, starting... one hour ago, you can order as many bloody ZOMBAMA RETURNS shirts as you well please. It makes a perfect Chrismas present for EVERYBODY on your list (don't argue with me, I said "everybody")! They can be torn into strips, soaked in oil and wrapped around big sticks to use as torches for when the power goes out during the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse (oops! Hope I didn't just give anything away there), or for lighting your way as you gather into an angry mob and chase monsters through the forest with pitchforks!
There's also a nifty giveaway promotion that I'm putting on, but you have to go to the BeastPop ArtWorks facebook page and follow BeastPop, "like" the post about the contest and leave a comment on the post and on the TeeFury site. I'll be giving away shirts and original art!

So, do your patriotic duty and BUY THIS SHIRT (pretty please)! I don't want to hear any whingeing about it being too gory or too potentially upsetting or controversial. Grow yourself a pair and wear it proudly, I tell you!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Pencils for upcoming shirt design featuring the Death of Pac-Man, titled "ACT IV - 'TIL DEATH". As any good Pac-Man fan knows, Ms. Pac-Man featured 3 intermission acts. Act I: They Meet, Act II: The Chase, and Act III: Junior. This is the unseen fourth act where the two yellow lovers are finally torn apart by those insidious and tenacious ghosts!

Game Over?

Why is Ms. Pac-Man crying? Find out tomorrow!


Hi! Just finished and submitted my latest shirt design for my awesome pals at J!NX and while I can't yet share the full image with ya, lest they release the J!NX-hounds on me, I will give you this sneak peek! Full image will be revealed... soon!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here's a new mascot/logo sticker design I've been working on. Yes, he's a yellow Gorilla, but don't call him that to his face!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


He's coming back! Mark your calendars, hide your meat, board up the trailer... ZOMBAMA RETURNS! On Halloween (Oct 31) ZOMBAMA will return to the site that made him famous, TeeFury! But this isn't Zombama as you remember him... he's decayed a bit more since last time and he's starting to attract more flies and maggots (and he's printed on a sinister black shirt instead of Navy blue)! Anyway, you have been warned! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your arch-enemies and those guys from the credit card companies that keep calling you and mispronouncing your last name!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beast du Jour #12: "Perminous Hoovix"

It being October, I thought I'd steer my Beasts du Jour in a creepier direction to celebrate Halloween and all things spooky!

Perminous Hoovix is on the Smelv system's list of most wanted criminal entities, but he will probably remain there for the foreseeable future as no one seems to be able to devise a method of capturing it. Perminous is a semi-tangible entity from the world of Kraggat who escaped to feed on the brain waves of dreaming children throughout the galaxy -- literally having become the "monster in the closet" for many a fearful tyke. Neither entirely corporeal nor entirely ethereal, Perminous has eluded capture by bounty hunter and ghostbuster alike. There is an entire division of the government on Selinar 6 devoted to the study of Perminous and how he might be captured and contained. Until then, children throughout the Smelv system keep one eye peeled and fixed on their closet doors as they fight to fend off encroaching slumber and the emergence of Perminous Hoovix, come to commandeer their dreams and steer their innocent minds into dark, foreboding waters.


Somebody went and carved my Zombama design into a pumpkin. What's the procedure for suing someone for gourd-related art theft? ;)

Seriously, this is pretty impressive! Apparently it was submitted to a pumpkin carving contest held by Sideshow Collectables last year by a fellow known only as Ricky C. Ricky, if you're out there, well-done on the carving and you owe me whatever prize money you may have collected!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


And here's the second submission piece, colored, tweaked and adjusted from it's previous posting.


Finally finished up the colors for my two submissions to the TATA GALA breast cancer fundraiser show happening in my old stomping grounds of Sarasota FL next month, and boy did I put some work into these babies!

There were a lot of details to be worked out with these: the illustrations are very detailed to begin with, I was trying some new things with halftone shading, and coming up with final color schemes I was happy with took longer than it should have (I finished coloring this one yesterday, took a break and came back to it only to realize the color scheme I had chosen made it look like a box of Franken-Berry cereal!). Compounding my woes is the fact that my computer was giving me a royal bloody fit with these files. Coloring them was a powerful headache as it brought the speed of my system grinding to a slow crawl. The files were tremendously large with lots of layers and my computer is just old and decrepit.

Anyway, I managed to get them done and submitted literally right at the stroke of midnight, which was the deadline, so hopefully I'll hear whether or not they were accepted soon. Can't wait to go down for the show -- hope to see you there.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


PAKKU-MAN t-shirt on black... y'know, just to see what it'd look like. Not too bad, huh?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New PAKKU-MAN colors!

My PAKKU-MAN design has been put up for voting over at J! and there have been a few complaints from some of the more sensitive folks about the brightness of the shirt colors (If it ain't black or very dark, it tends to not trend well with some of the gamer crowd -- c'mon folks, expand your horizons!), and I can see their point, I guess. I thought I'd modify the design a bit with 2 more shirt color options that are a bit less bright. So, here's how the design would look on either red or dark blue. Enjoy. Oh and GO VOTE FOR THE DESIGN HERE!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beast du Jour #11: "Quok"

Quok has come to our dimension for two reasons: A.) To learn the specifics of the English game of cricket ('cause even where he's from, it's a bit fuzzy), and 2.) because he lost a bet with his frat-house buddies. There was another bet that he recently lost, but we won't get into the results of that one, mainly because the criminal case against him is still pending investigation. Either way, clearly he didn't learn his lesson.

What's the worst thing you can do to Quok (besides feed him false information about Cricket rules and regulations)? Hop on his back, grasp his horns like handlebars, and make motorcycle (or perhaps moped) sound effects with your lips as you pretend to crank his horns and pop a wheelie. He. does. not. like. that. at. all. You have been warned.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Finished scanning and piecing together the second She-Spartan illustration for this month's TATA GALA show. I'm really proud of how these have turned out so far. If only I had a decent large-format scanner so I didn't have to scan these things in small chunks and piece them together in photoshop! What a headache! If anybody has a mac-compatible large-format scanner they're looking to get rid of, please let me know.

As with the previous piece, I took some progress shots just for fun. On to the colors!

"We Belong Alive" Bride of Frank for FRIGHT-RAGS!!

The mysterious BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN design I'd been working on recently can finally be revealed. FRIGHT-RAGS unleashed the design on an unsuspecting public this morning and they are apparently completely sold out of their first run!! Preorders are available, though, so don't let that stop you! The shirt is available all through the month of October only! ORDER HERE, PLEASE.

FRIGHT-RAGS came to me with the idea for the design in order to raise funds for a friend of theirs who is fighting breast cancer and to raise awareness of the cause. I could neither say no to that, nor to the chance do draw such a classic movie character in a send-up pose (it's a rip on the old Janet Jackson Rolling Stone magazine cover, in case you weren't aware).

FRIGHT-RAGS has been on my radar for quite a while now, as they put out some really cool shirts. I've got another design with them that should be revealed shortly, but I am the proud owner of several shirts of theirs already, and I plan to keep buying as long as they keep putting out wicked designs. Hopefully mine won't stand out too badly from their usual high-quality designs.

I'm including one of the concept sketches which featured a towering FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER behind the BRIDE. I thought it was amusing and made sense, as there's no way big ol' Frankie could conceal himself behind his Bride, but the idea was shot down in favor of keeping it as close to the original source image as possible. Understandable, and the result turned out very nice, I think. I also went a bit overboard in my bold, eye-searing color choices for some of my color roughs, which was also shot down in favor of a much more subdued scheme keeping true to BoF's black and white roots.

And here's the info from the website about the design and where its proceeds are going:

"I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my friend Leisha.
She is 34 years old, a mom to two young boys, and currently battling a
serious and aggresive breast cancer.

Over a year ago, her husband lost his job - and therefore they lost their insurance too. This is part of the reason why the cancer is so advanced- because no one would see her, to help her find out if something was really wrong. Leisha finally found some great doctors who would see her - and they helped her find a medical plan that would could help- but her battle is just beginning, and she’s struggled so much already.

Leisha started chemotherapy in May (you can see the shunt which delivers
the medication in the picture, on her chest, to her right)- and she has lost her hair, which you can see was quite long and beautiful. She still has a year left of treatment, and meanwhile her and her husband still face the challenge of paying their bills and taking care of their children.

So for the month of October, we will be selling this exclusive limited t-shirt -
and all proceeds will be donated to Leisha and her family.

Leisha’s wish is that everyone who might hear her story, never ever give up on seeking help and detecting the disease early with regular check ups, breast exams and if recommended, mammograms. Often times younger people can be dismissed by doctors or dismiss warnings themselves- believing that it is too soon to worry…it is never too soon to save your life!"