Friday, March 30, 2012


I've been working on this puppy in the background during my scant "free time" for quite a while, but I've finally polished it off and I'm quite thrilled with how it turned out.

It's a mashup of the infamous feces-coloring General Mills Monster Cereal FRANKEN BERRY with the 70's-80's version of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The term "Frak", or "Frakking" was a safe-for-TV futuristic-sounding expletive created for the original Battlestar series. There have been many versions of the FRANKEN BERRY cereal box artwork over the years, but I wanted to use the one that is perhaps the most iconic and made for the best layout.

The design is drawn entirely by hand and inked with brush and pen, except for the text, which is all modified fonts, and the "Franken Berry" logo, which was hand drawn, then finalized in illustrator.

The cereal is comprised of Cylon Raider-shaped cereal bits with Marshmallow Cylon Basestars, ships which were featured in the show.

As for the "Free Toy Inside", it's a toy version of the creepy robot-dog, Muffit, which featured in the show. Muffit was a strange looking creature anyway, but was made even creepier by the way it moved, which was due to the fact that it was not animatronic, it was not a man in a suit, but was in fact a chimpanzee in a full-body costume and helmet! I will cling to that piece of pop-culture trivia until the day I di.

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