Thursday, May 17, 2012

Abed's BEASTWRECK shirt (or: BeastWreck Attacks Community!

Tonight I had one of those squealy fanboy moments that are rare and special. While watching the season finale of one of my favorite sitcoms of all time, COMMUNITY, I was honored to see the character Abed (played expertly by Danny Pudi) sporting my BEASTWRECK ATTACKS shirt in full view of the world! I knew this was coming (or rather hoped it was), but it was still a lovely shock to the system. I was contacted many months ago, back when most of fandom wasn't even sure if COMMUNITY would be back for the second half of season three, by the amazing Rob Schrab (SCUD: THE DISPOSABLE ASSASSIN, THE SARAH SILVERMAN SHOW, CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, MONSTER HOUSE) who let me know he was going to be directing one of the upcoming season 3.5 episodes, and wanted to feature one of my shirts in the episode. I was thrilled, got in contact with the costume designer, and worked everything out, sending them two different shirts to choose from.
Unfortunately, I later found out that they didn't get things in place quickly enough for the shirt to be featured in Rob's episode, but that it would probably show up in a later one. I waited through several episodes, with no sign of my shirts, and eventually concluded that the scene it was in got cut, or they just decided to not use it after all. So, to see it show up in the season finale was a very nice surprise, and definitely ranks as a career highlight of mine.
So, big thanks to Rob Schrab, Sabrina Rosen and Danny Pudi (for making my shirt look even better). I hope this shall not be the last time BeastWreck shows up on the airwaves (is that even something people say anymore -- airwaves?)!
And, if you'd like to order a BEASTWRECK ATTACKS shirt, perhaps if you want to dress up like Abed for Halloween, or if you just want to look cool cool cool, you can ORDER ONE RIGHT HERE AT MY BEASTWRECK SHOP! It's available in men's and women's styles.

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