Monday, October 18, 2010

Beast du Jour #12: "Perminous Hoovix"

It being October, I thought I'd steer my Beasts du Jour in a creepier direction to celebrate Halloween and all things spooky!

Perminous Hoovix is on the Smelv system's list of most wanted criminal entities, but he will probably remain there for the foreseeable future as no one seems to be able to devise a method of capturing it. Perminous is a semi-tangible entity from the world of Kraggat who escaped to feed on the brain waves of dreaming children throughout the galaxy -- literally having become the "monster in the closet" for many a fearful tyke. Neither entirely corporeal nor entirely ethereal, Perminous has eluded capture by bounty hunter and ghostbuster alike. There is an entire division of the government on Selinar 6 devoted to the study of Perminous and how he might be captured and contained. Until then, children throughout the Smelv system keep one eye peeled and fixed on their closet doors as they fight to fend off encroaching slumber and the emergence of Perminous Hoovix, come to commandeer their dreams and steer their innocent minds into dark, foreboding waters.

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