Monday, December 20, 2010

NOT KOOL! on sale at midnight on TEEFURY!

One of my favorite t-shirt sites, TEEFURY is featuring and selling another one of my shirt designs starting tonight at midnight for one day only! NOT KOOL! is sort of the... bastard cousin, if you will, of my GLASS BAST'RD Kool-Aid Man parody shirt design. They needed a bit of censoring to make it appropriate to sell on the site, so I, needing to pay my bills, eat and buy Christmas presents for my loved ones, agreed to make the changes and submit the censored art. Gone is the middle finger flying and naughty text, and a new spiffy color scheme has been created to go with the new black background. The result is a bold and bossy design that lets everyone know just how rude and nasty a giant pitcher of sugary beverage can be when it comes to destroying children's houses just to quench their thirst.

Save what little Christmas money you may have left and buy a bunch of NOT KOOL! shirts tomorrow on TEEFURY!

You can also give the design some love over at EMPTEES, if you like!


  1. I read that you were getting these printed yourself. Is there any truth to that, and when can we expect to hear about that? I bought a Zombama shirt from you and I LOVE it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Dave, this shirt will be part of the launch of my very own brand later on this year. Stay tuned to my blog and facebook page for more details.
    THanks for the kind words!


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