Friday, February 4, 2011


Hey, it's nearly Valentine's Day, which means we're all supposed to celebrate by going out and buying expensive (or expensive-looking) cards, chocolates, stuffed animals, floral arrangements, jewelry and ridiculous lingerie for our significant others/ objects of our lusts/ stalking victims, lest they become offended at our lack of gift-bearing and come to the only obvious conclusion: that we must not really love them after all. Such is the nature of the holiday invented by the greeting card company/ candy manufacturers/ plush beast purveyors.

Final color version chosen

J!NX Mockup

Alternate color option 1

Alternate color option 2

Alternate color option 3

Anywho, I've got a much better method in which one of a particularly geeky or slightly disturbing persuasion can express one's love for another: J!NX's new shirt design, ZOMBIE LOVE (designed by yours truly)! Zombie courtship done the old fashioned way -- two teenage zombies sharing a brainshake at the local malt shop. They're up for sale at this very moment (or in the incredibly near future from J!NX in a variety of sizes for both males and feminales. Celebrate love and death at the same time and give your grandmother yet another reason to cast odd and suspicious glances at you from across the room as she crosses herself.

Rough sketch



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