Friday, March 11, 2011


Finally finished coloring my DONKEY KONG tribute design. It took me a while, not only because I had to squeeze this in between several other projects (plus the interruption of the local Freemasons causing trouble again, for which I had to reach out to the local League of Hobos for assistance), but also because I struggled with the colors for a while as a result of what I concluded was a too-busy background. It just wasn't coming together as a solid and powerful image, so I tried simplifying the background shapes and unifying the direction of the movement, as well. I tried scanning in different types of brush strokes and ink splatter techniques and finally settled on a combination of a fairly simple fluid background shape with some scattered ink spray effects that would give the design a bit more punch.

I'm including several different color scheme options out of which I will narrow it down to just one. Which one would you like to see printed on a shirt? Cast your vote!

Original inks with initial background treatment

Revised inks with new background treatment

1 comment:

  1. Red/Yellow seems the best. Gives some slight allusion to DKs colors, plus.. FIRE


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