Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BEAST DU JOUR #16: "Stuggrhh"

Back with another Beast du Jour entry!
I wanted to mix things up a bit with this one and get back to a technique I've been meaning to try more of. Sketched and inked on scrap cardboard with white paint highlights. I really like having the tone of the paper act as a shadowy midground once the highlights are painted in. Dove in and finished this without pausing, and managed to finish it at the 60-minute mark. I'll be trying more of this soon.

This handsome fellow is a "Stuggrhh", and it looks like my brain took me in a sort of root-influenced direction with this one. Stuggrhh's have a pretty low mass, though they're hulking brutes, which enable them to climb quickly into the canopy of their forest home and await their prey, which they entangles in their tendril-like fingers and toes, then paralyze with their mouth-stingers so they can begin the slow process of absorption. No one knows how long they live, but it can be measured in the triple digits.

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