Sunday, July 24, 2011

CLASSIC ARCADE, First attempt...

I've been wanting to do something with the JURASSIC PARK logo for a while now, but I never really knew what. I fiddled around with a play on the title for a while and came up with a bit of a near-rhyme, "Classic Arcade", which builds on the "assic" and the "ark" sounds, and pays homage to that wonderful cultural highlight of my youth. It's no secret, if you know me, how much I miss the old-fashioned (or "classic", if you will) arcades with their rows of flickering, pulsating lights and blaring electronic repetitive noise. It creeps into much of my work, and that's the angle I wanted to take with it here.

Original "clean" version.

I thought I'd pixelate the image to give it more of an 8-bit arcade feel, but it still doesn't make it work fully, and I was worried it might just seem like I blew up and altered a low-quality jpeg of the logo.

This idea, however, is merely halfway there. After drawing and inking the entire logo, skeleton and arcade machine by hand and compositing the thing together in photoshop, I realized that the dinosaur skeleton really didn't fit. It clearly helps tie it to the original source material, but it doesn't need that. The iconic silhouette and framing shapes along with the distinctive font hammer that point home well enough. There is nothing "classic arcade" about keeping the dinosaur skeleton (though slightly altered), and it just seems too out of place with the theme. So, it's back to the drawing board, and I have a much better solution to this problem, which I'm working on right now and will be posting soon. I did want to go ahead and post these here as a work-in-progress sort of thing, and to expose a bit of the creative thinking process and how I sometimes get ahead of myself and don't take the necessary time to work out ideas properly before executing them. More soon...

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