Thursday, December 1, 2011

GORILLA-GLOVES diecut stickers now up for preorder!

BeastWreck's new GORILLA-GLOVES diecut stickers are now up for preorder at the BeastWreck shop! The order is already at the printer and it should only take around 9 business days until I've got them in-hand and ready to ship, so place your orders asap.

PREORDER: The order has already been placed with the printer and should arrive and begin shipping around December 16th!

3.5 x 5.25-inch diecut vinyl sticker featuring BeastWreck's GORILLA GLOVES design.

Masterfully printed by StandOut Stickers, using the highest quality 8mil vinyl and a protective 3mil UV resistant laminate.

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  1. Wow, I just spent the better part of the evening falling in love with your work. Your style is great. I appreciate what you do so much. I am very curious about your process. A bit of what you've got looks like it could be vector art but you go on to mention you use photoshop a few times without a mention of Illustrator. I've been trying to hash out what stylisticly I am going for with my work, I am picking up the pace a bit more the last two months and feel my work is lacking in the finishing stages. I would love to hear how you go about your pieces step by step and what you find to be the most effective approach when you step into the Photoshop stages. Hopefully I hear from you. Again, great work


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