Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beast du Jour #8: "The Tufted Knubbender"

What a goofy lookin' mug on this guy! Sheesh! Despite their friendly, sappy looking faces and slight resemblance to those cool Landstriders in DARK CRYSTAL, Tufted Knubbenders do not like to be ridden! It hurts their backs, and the only real place to grip them is their ears or their back hair, neither of which gives them a pleasant sensation. They're pretty tall, too, so it'd be a heck of a fall when they shrug you off with a grunt and a huff. Their bad habits include gorging on butter and smoking cigars -- both of which are hard to come by for them.

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  1. Hola. You ever think about selling your sketches? I know a guy who bought a Cintiq after selling 100 x $20 sketches that only took about 15 minutes to an hour each. Although the quality of yours are much higher thank his.

    Dude was running Ustream channel though, which means that he was live streaming the drawing as he did them.


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