Friday, September 24, 2010

TATA GALA pencils exposed!

Some of you might recognise this pose from one of my skateboard designs. I was going to attempt to submit an entry to this years TATA GALA show (an art show held to benefit breast cancer research spearheaded by one of my art skool pals, the super-talented Erik Jones), and I thought my She Spartan designs would be a perfect fit. The problem was I (of course) wasn't 100% satisfied with the original designs as they were done during a very stressful period and under a bit of a rush. As they could do with a polishing up, I decided to rework them and really make them shine. Anyway, this is the final pencil drawing for the first piece and I have no idea what sort of color treatment I'm going to give it. I'd like to try something different and painterly, but the Oct. 1st deadline is looming fairly menacingly on the horizon, so I'm thinking I should just stick with what I'm comfortable with. More to come.

Oh, and I've included the original piece, just for comparison's sake.

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