Saturday, September 11, 2010


Finally finished coloring the GLASS BAST'RD design. This is a riff on the evils of a giant pitcher of sugary beverage destroying childrens' houses just to quench their thirst! Some of you who might recognize the phrase "Glass Bastard" from Dane Cook's bit about Kool-Aid Man. I know it's somewhat uncool in some circles to enjoy anything to do with Dane Cook, but I couldn't care less about such "rules of cool". I certainly am not a fan of everything the man does, but he has made me laugh quite a bit, so shun me if you must, Snobarella!

We've got three flavors of shirt to choose from here: Blue Raspberry, Lemonade, and ... uh... Gray. Hmm. Oh well. I will be trying to get this printed through various outlets in the very near future, so stay tuned for more details. Anyone who would be interested in buying one of these, just cast your vote for which color you'd like to see, and I'll try to contact you directly when they are nearing the printing phase.

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