Friday, September 24, 2010

Beast du Jour #9: "The Wailing Wronk"

During drawing time with my daughter tonight, The Wailing Wronk came to me, as if in a dream. All I could see was his gaping maw lined with shoepeg teeth and those horrible pop-eyes as his wailing drowned out all sound. Wronks are not satisfied with ANYTHING in life! They constantly find fault with everything that crosses their path, no matter how seemingly pleasant or perfect. Nothing brings them satisfaction and it is physically impossible for them to be content.... or is it? Do they willingly choose such an uncomfortable and insufferable lifestyle? Would anyone? Some say "yes". Of course, as ugly as they are, no one really bothers to address their complaints, out of disgust and a clawing desire to get far out of range of their chilling wails.

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